Click here to see my film storyboards. I have lots of experience working out action sequences, VFX, vehicles, stunts, fights, horror, dramatic scenes, comedy, location cheats, animatronics, historical scenes, dogs, water, pyro, all the expensive stuff!


IATSE Local 800

Click here to see a page of thumbnails of my TV storyboard work, including color work done for advertising agencies.

I've got boards in both pencil and ink. Also, Music Video storyboards.


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Welcome! This site showcases my storyboard work in Feature Films and TV. There is a lot of artwork here, so please click around.

Josh Sheppard

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Here are various concept pieces,  including set sketches and characters. I also have several overhead views, which I do to help the director, AD’s, and anyone else on the crew to see where the action will be staged.
I have a lot of experience working with previs teams and the editor to create animatics in 2d & 3d. I can do basic modeling, texturing and animation in Maya. Some After Effects. I also know Sketchup. I can’t show any of that work, so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Before I learned Maya, I used Sketchup and AE to make this 2d/3d shot. Not much, but this I can show:


Stuff I can’t show you...